Book details: My best guess is that it's sorta like satirical conspiracy prose. LOL!
Imagine that making sense. That's the adventure that awaits you. LOL!
Ok so, at best it's science fiction. Look at it like that. Seriously. Genre doesn't matter for true art.

Word count for "abridged" version: 305,695

Word count for unedited version: 580,180

(Yes there's always more to the story, basically I have one massive book that could easily be two or three books but I tried to make it more digestible. There's an entire mock-social media chapter that's not even in the manuscript for example. Though I have sent it to a few lit agents here and there, they were horribly edited and spell checked. The point being none of what I write is posted online anywhere so it's all original. The many omitted chapters are back ups
for the purpose of security.
They could also be another book? I dunno. I need people to read it. Yet what is it specifically that they would read?
I've been wondering about all that and I decided that it's gonna have to be a balance between giving the reader what they want commercially and also, you know, me arting ugly truth.
Ultimately I don't care if people like it.
I'll just keep typing until I find
an audience. It's there. Even if investment money acts like it's not. Ya know?
*nods "You know".