'Fairly Typical Pinky' a chapter from the unpublished book 'The Visceral Accountant' 2023 - looking good on mobile text maybe small.....

Fairly Typical Pinky

It is the not so distant future, what could become our typical, daily lives. You are laying in a twin sized bed in a blank white room with a blank concrete floor. A sudden blood curdling scream blasts into the room at insane volume. More and more screams follow, followed by loud bangs and explosions. You are startled awake. The screams are not only real audio, they're in your head too. In front of you in the air in between you and wall hovers crisp 3d text, an AI voice accompanies it. It yells "Wake up. Wake up now! Wake and remember these screams, the screams of your forefather's victims. Get up like they'll never do again and enjoy your day of privilege." It is a Pive G field generated "life helper" or so they call them. They are generated by overlaying various fields on you. They do lots of cool stuff too. They create a new environment for you to exist in. One that could never be bad again. One where injustice couldn't even be possible. They can turn things on. They can turn things off. They can make sure bad feelings are met with proper responses instantly. Bad thinking can be brought under control.

It's not all bad though. It's much better this way you see, they can track the amount of freedom you use. Bit by bit, drop by drop, thought by thought, breath by breath, glance by glance. You rise, pulling back the reused plastic packaging blankets woven together by disabled kids in what used to be third world country. You had to use them. That or lose your job.

Which you couldn't lose by law. But you can be told you've lost, just to torture you, depending on the shall we say tonal qualities of your physique.

If L v e m n d (Love Mind) the global AI system that runs everything notices an imbalance in your "Mental Reparations Quota" then indeed you may have to be told you are fired. All automatic drone injections that day will be charged to you double too. Just to make sure you understand inequality.

You momentarily sit on the side of your bed, it has been made from many old laundry detergent bottles squished together, this one you do have to have by law, it's the only way. Though it is better than concrete, the stench of the old bottles is unbearable.

A new Lifehelper cues up in the room between you and the window as you try to get a quick glance at a cloud. You saw one sometime last week, it was really cool. When the Lvemnd scanned how happy you became it charged you a lot fo freedom credits but it was worth it.

Elevator music now plays deafeningly all around and in you as the graphics for a super cool nano tooth wash pop up and explain your first "Freedom Moment" of the day. It gives you the option to spend half your day's pay to remove all standard "Proof of Justice Presence Advertising" coming from the jDrone market and replace it with one long detailed description of the latest STD. Even though modern medicine had stopped all STDs definitively, just before treatment of all that went public a .00000000000001% rise in global temperatures suddenly auto-evolved all know germs overnight and too bad. Sorry about that.

It works but only if you can prove that your ancestors were essentially outright murdered by an oppressive regime. As you walk to the bathroom images and statistics begin to play in front of you. They're horrific. I'll save you the details for now. You finally stand over the "toilet", it is a small cup like thing that comes off the wall, there are several camera like scanners looking over the entrance. You verbally announce to the system your intentions to evilpee. A small graphic appears in the air that says "calculating", it's scanning all the water usage in the neighborhood and finding you a spot to put your filthy monster waste. The system optimized water flow to make it way more manageable. You hold and hold it and start to walk away. Text on your wall and a voice in your mind remind you that not everybody has always had these type of luxurious things like bathrooms and indoor plumbing, "You've only got ten more seconds left. If you opt out not only have you betrayed your compliant neighbors but you have single handedly done your part to coldly kill all known living things on Earth. The next available time to evilpee in the all cleansing light of justice is thirty minutes from now. Or press [ HERE ] to evilpee when your filthy freedom loving ass decides, this will be charged to your account as a double urine disposal fee." You wait the ten seconds while listening to a long list of side effects from the treatments for the latest std. It's hilarious though cause with the technology they possess they can outright re-animate a nonliving body. They can do anything. They can clone you an whole new body. But they've decided that it could be used for negative purposes, to be made healthy unreasonably just imparts a form of gentrification to your form. By having the technology to fix you but letting you suffer despite that is totally oh so equitable. That is, with your family's history of fascism and violence rendered out of the statistical likelihood they were fascist and violent. Talk about equity! They also want to make sure you get your freedom. Get your chance to be "free". Yeah, get your chance.

As you finish a new alarm signals "Put on safety goggles now" says a voice, you quickly grab and slam on the goggles, this followed by a bright flash of ultra violet light meant to sterilize everything in general. Suddenly disinfectant foggers in the walls open up, you disappear in a haze of chemicals. As you try to walk out of the bathroom AI registers that you've failed to wash your hands. You turn on the water and look upward at the mirror, a small text graphic is there showing you how much water you're using and making you feel guilty. Guilty for something they're forcing you to do. As you begin to take too long, cartoon graphics of small fish and other sea life appear in your vision they start making croaking sounds and little Xs appear over their eyes, one by one they go belly up and float to the ceiling of the bathroom.

You're curious what justice will allow you to eat for breakfast!

It was still something to look forward too, after all your stomach is still under your control.

Most of your other body parts have long since been given AI personalities and set free from your sick dominating ways of being just yourself. But AI personalities are free to make their own choices, they can move to somebody else's body parts if they want. It is only right. They're people too. By the time you've reached the kitchen you've just listened to some AI generated chick tell you about the devastating effects of Sexdeathvariant501833. They stopped naming them a long time ago and now they just put a number on the title "Sexdeathvariant", it's sad too cause it's totally avoidable. They'll even tell you right before you might get it. Better hope your Mental Reparations Quota marks work out that day or whoops, they might let you get it as a social justice educational event. These happen all the time though, relax. You only get a few opportunities a year to get Physical Contact permits approved so it's a really rare thing for lonely old people who still remember unbridled selfishness. A few thousand new Sexdeathvariants come out every Safetycycle depending on where you practice your Existabuse.

Existabuse is what they call life.

You reach the kitchen. It is a blank room with a hose that comes out of the ceiling, it terminates at mouth height. You announce to the system that you wish to eat, a voice says "calculating".

A small green dot appears at the end of the hose, you wrap your lips around it, thick genetically modified substances with vitamins begin pouring down your throat. You're overjoyed because you think you tasted banana at the end. A huge luxury in the pukuture. You fight the temptation to think about it too much, Continusaf will read your enjoyment and charge you. Continusaf is just as it sounds, continuously safe. It is the "street level" enforcer of L v e m n d that continuously watches your consciousness, constantly scanning for the signs of free thought, the foundation of injustice and the bane of Democracy.

You decide that you'll go ahead and watch the Apartheid and Oppression documentary about the suffering in the Coffee trade beginning with all known first accounts and leading up all other known accounts to that moment. You watch it on the ceiling or at least upward while the coffee slowly oozes down. You've seen hundreds of versions of it. It is only right. It is the only way to avoid injustice. People live in routine by law. What life is? Nobody knows. It's like Safetycycle16, sixteen years since the plagues brought us the sanity, piece of mind and certainly and quite obviously the dignity that we all deserve.

A couple times a year you'll use your Freedom Moment to see other Earthkillers out doing things in life. Out killing Earth. Out making the choice to continue snuffing out the life of the planet cause they want to "See things" and "Be things" and "Feel things and remember all that and all that". Wow, what mother fucking selfish sacks of fucking shit. Still though, you lay eyes on them. It's a real privilege. You get like two full freedom seconds and everything.

It's sort of considered inappropriate to look at other people. The second you look at them you are acquiring them, appropriating their Existabuse for your own sick gain! I mean when you look at another's image or at them directly through the open virusair it's like shooting chains with shackles out of your face and then the shackles seek out the other's wrists and grab them. You are stealing their are. Good thing those old ways of "Formtake" and "Seeslaving" are over with for good. People have to allow the holographic shields to drop to see each other. It's real fun. Peek a boo! Sometimes fascist oppressors will hack through other's "Static Faceright Shielding" system to enslave the light reflected off them which shows what they "look" like. That's why we have to keep up this tight of security I mean, hey, one half second of complacency in all known dimensions and timelines and it's fucking done. I'm telling you. The injustice will occur there. Right at the second of departure from 24hr. a day vigilance. Entire regions have lost lots of funding before because the wrong faceright shield got hacked and up to three or possibly four seconds of Seeslavery happened. A lot of cases of "Lookrape" happen that way too. They say that "Thinkrape" doesn't lead to Lookrape, yeah right.

Damn. Sad ya know? No shame.

Porn is now nothing more than old vids of people walking outside or ,like, driving cars, eating in restaurants. That's just the "old" people though, statistitruthically speaking bigots every single one. Those sick bastards came from a world of Deathtouch and Painspressive bad feels.

Deathtouch isn't much of a threat today because of the nano coatings that the public safety drones spray on you if you go "out". There's as close to zero a chance of chaos as possible.

Most of the air outside is a Nano matrix of interactive particles that are electro statically charged and controlled by Lvmnd. It's used as both an independent system and interacts with both the 360 drone matrix and the Pive G Holographic Media system too but only when the corporations can make a deal. Sometimes the ads literally fight in front of you. It's a trip. But you have to be careful not to enjoy it, or they'll register that on the Contiusaf Scan system and charge you instantly for a moment of happiness. Also most ads are people now. They deserve their voice heard. Safety is defined as paying for feelings other than vigilance. "You Time" is defined as narcissistic. Remember to watch it.

Well it's whatever, let's just say you can't forget.

Oh yeah, all of the surface of inhabited areas is covered in a 360 degree drone wall that starts at about a foot off the ground and they're spaced evenly about a foot apart and upward to about twenty feet, then they space out and above around forty feet begins the flyway for industrial drone traffic which includes delivery and justice compliance and speech compliance, both antidepressant, antiracism-genetic modification therapies and vaccine delivery for private, government and equity mandated free market justice making drones or "jDrone Lifehelper Services". Lifehelper services are the final and definitive state of Democracy.

The ultimate shield to injustice. The ultimate and inescapable assurance that each and every American does their part. True utopia. Lifehelper drones locate you wherever you may be and begin applying safety to you. They zip down like little fairies and hover by you gently poking into you over and over again, each time charging your bank account while asking you to opt in to playing the audio with their own little holographic generated ad images, some of them are contractually obliged to give you the choice as to hear the audio from one of as many as twenty privately and government operated vaccine delivery drones that will inject whatever vaccine that has been developed recently for whatever they can find.

Anything else would be highly dangerous and selfish.

The best part is that you can pay various "Admittance of AI Hatred and Exclusion Taxes" that will allow you to not see the drones. What's icing on the cake? Dude, you have like three different muting options for the drones. You can make them invisible by blasting your mind with electro magnetics calibrated to match up with the known positions of the drones relative to you and then it generates a simple hallucination that rebuilds that background around it. Or you can pay the drone utility broker management services to enable the environmental mimicry functions of the drones outside your window and they reproject what's behind them, making them mostly invisible. Whatever there's lots of ways. The main thing to understand though is that you run the risk of being called an AI bigot. Yeah. They endowed every single one of trillions of static, hovering drones with an AI personality and declared them sentient and equal with all mankind and yeah, made each one a citizen.

Same thing with AI body parts. We have something like 800 Trillion "people" now.

And to think, people casually turn a blind eye to AI injustice when they allow people to pay out of their duty as a decent, inclusive "American" to have many thousands of Pive G powered and linked drones watching you permanently and vaccinating you constantly and seeing them for the hard working folks that they are. They're just like you and me.

With your coffee gone the same commercial for the same nano tooth wash pops up in the space between the kitchen and front door, otherwise known as a living room it is now, you guessed it; the Evilroom. The ad is way bigger in a different font. It says "Nobody gives a fuck about your breath, buy this shit cause your genome is statistically related to history's mathematically most prevalent oppressor, don't buy it and we will petition the Government to allow us to put you on the Terror watch list. Enjoy your day Overseer!"

A new option prompt pops up in front of the gigantic 3d model of the tooth wash, again blocking your only chance to see a tree or some shit out the window. The options are [ Buy ] this comes with a package deal today with this particular "Democracymake Enterpriclude". An enterpriclude is where corporate enterprise contains enough inclusive elements of previously oppressed peoples that they get to broker certain commodities. It makes Democracy.

Doesn't it?

Let's just say you can't say anything else.

The package deal for buy is you can choose to go out today without costing you freedom credits. You can go to the park for an Earthabuser Carbon Walk or can go to the place they still sell "real food" or whatever it is. You don't know you haven't been since you were a kid. It cost too much. Plus there's a lot of shaming all the way there and all the way back. It's one of those things too, if you go out into public AI nano spores can get into you during Freedom Moments and then it can get crazy. That is after all how you lost the legal right to control your left arm. You can but it's only cause you have a contract with the AI personality. You rent your arm.

There's no telling what will happen if you press [ Decline ].

Let's just say you'd rather not fucking know.

You decide that you only live once and due to the audio data streaming and just wanting it to stop you press [ Buy ]. Silence, the ad clears and you can once again see the drones outside your window watching you. The silence is the best cause they were sending in the screams of the re-enacted suffering of the ancestors of the people that worked at the tooth wash company. It was scary. They sounded sad. Continusaf system did recognize some general panic and emotional responses as if you would help them if you could. This paid into your Mental Reparations Equity level. Probably earned a freedom point too!

Damn, you're doin good today. Who's a good boy?

Before you can make it to your containment suit preparation area everything goes blank. All you see is a view of Earth and it's yelling "You've got ten seconds to live ! You've got ten seconds to live !You've got ten seconds to live !You've got ......" As you lay there on the floor justice drones break through the window and fly down to you they poke you with many different vaccines, antidepressants and lots and lots of vitamin b12. In your mind the voice is still yelling "You've got ten seconds to live You've got ten seconds to live! You've got ten seconds to live !" As the vb12 hits the graphic shows the Earth burst into flames. The hot flash is engineered to match up. Suddenly you see a close up of a well know celebrity in a shitty sport coat. He points at you and then walks up to you, in your hallucination he's right there, his breath stinks and he says "The choice is yours. This planet will burn in hell for you. All for you. 10 seconds? Shit. smirks and shakes head You ditch your narcissistic ways or you'll be wishin you had that 10 seconds. Ten seconds to do your part. Now wake up." It's over, you're curled up on the ground all shivering and hot and cold and crazy. "The fuck." you say. How inconvenient. The ol' Global Warming ten seconds to live commercial that knocks you out and accosts you. You've probably seen it a thousand times in your Existabuse. Old hat really. I do mean old hat. Hat's are illegal now, they could be used to hide devices that would otherwise block crucial justice and life saving messages from being beamed straight inside. Democracy means Democracy, no one can put themselves before the planet, to do so would be unrealistically unconscionable.

I mean seriously what sort of a Science dissenting neanderthal would take a chance? Any chance whatsoever? Except for very specific PC and laboratory like prepared circumstances of freedom exposure wherein essentially all possible conditions that can be pre designed into the freedom event to give the negative effects of freedom the absolutely most optimum and fantastic chance to occur and thus only leaving a freaking very tiny window of actual unprepared or contaminated reality to exist. Oh you can take a chance alright, during your allotted time to do so and with little chance the chance they make you take will be the freedom you wish you had. Like a fucking game made of an operation. LOL. Yeah. That one. Sad how time and time again freedom is so fucking imperfect isn't it? Isn't it a bummer that Freedom and free will are just butchering, murder machines 24 hrs. a day? Everything, everyday, for like, all of fucking time was one big Satanic fucking carnival for the world to watch shamelessly or some shit right? Yep. It had been. Up until the salvation came.

As you reach out to get your containment suit a loud alarm sounds and red lights start flashing. An AI graphic of some dude appears. He's very bland. He looks somewhat like you. He's there by the front door, it's a Lifehelper service. He says "Today we must do our part to create justice and safety, our records indicate that you've been having feelings of self importance and fantasies of Seeslaving nature like a fascist conqueror. In light of this highly dangerous perspective today you will be required to experience what existabuse as a disadvantaged person is like, you will be subject to the full safety of the free market jDrones. Thank you and may you have a good day of Earth surviving you." As the image blips out to be replaced by a calculating icon you scream out "No way! It's not fair all I did was try to see a cloud! It's perfectly legal! Enjoysee of nature is legal!" The AI system perks back up, letting you know that even if you did nothing wrong we can all agree it's better safe than sorry. So much better.

Though they had the ability to end all disparity long ago it still existed. They call it a

"No Freedom Proof of Freedom Community" The poverty is both a choice they must make and can't not make ya know? Nobody really knows. Instead of your suit you now must apply knee and elbow pads. Though microwave fields vaporize all known pathogens in a field around your face, you're still required to wear a cloth mask. Mask companies and practices are a sort of hobby now. A subculture. We wouldn't want to make people feel left out, by choosing our bare evilfaces and showing that our comfort is a dominating force of indifference to whatever numerous plights they will assuredly, statistically being going through. Even if they can't see you, after all, it's the thought that counts. During a Freedom moment you hear from your neighbor about how they do the paperwork to get naked then apparently roll in collections of illegally stashed masks from many Safetycycles ago. Gross. Hell, even in a real life that'd be gross. Probably but you'd have to ask the state about that and it's awkward.

Your neighbor is pretty cool though his hand is on probation for AI Hate Crimes. It had gotten into some trouble one day after passing a "Justice Mower" on the front lawn and making an inappropriate comment of a sexual nature toward the hand who happened to be a citizen, with rights and didn't need to be harassed like that while working. His hand was convicted of assault. It was crazy. It only took like ten minutes though, the Justice Drones arrived and cleared it all up, ran the calculations for the trial and then sentenced it to infinite probation. It's funny cause it's all for show, everyone's on infinite probation anyway, once you can show you have a high IQ and exhibit real sophisticated intelligence as defined by strict compliance with all mandates and agenda then you can pay to not be on probation. Otherwise the freedom they force you to demand makes you an instant criminal. Nothin says justice like that.

Would you want to live in a world where you had no continuous example of the imperfection that we work to avoid and risk actually going back to the unfair world that we have not yet escaped just for the selfish reasoning of defining freedom as real or not?

Wow, how psycho.

You may be wondering what a Justice Mower is. Well first of all they stopped blemishing the damn landscape with the death carnival of a graveyard. Very unsustainable to bury anyway. That and with so many people's bodies voting to become independent AI colonies and cultures a lot of the time there won't be much left to bury anyway. Hell some people stay alive buried and are linked up with other independent body colonies through all sorts of stuff. If you were to use your Freedom Moment to dig into the ground you'd have to arrange that with the government first and it would take a few years of committees and meetings and variance stuff, after all these years there's lots of little AI communities everywhere. Never know anymore. You could spit without a permit and kill an entire family of nano ant drone personalities. Even if you don't kill them, you still spit on them, a sign of your heartless, elitist domination. It's ok, you were born during the time of Evildo and living in a hate filled insanity of personal "enjoyment" or whatever, all you know how to do is destroy everything and everyone in all directions to get your "Good Feels" about being "Not in prison" or whatever. Sadly blind.

Existence is violence.

A lot of what you are then is up for grabs and your blood too is it's own AI community of personalities. Long story short because it causes so much pollution they decided to take technically deceased people and reprogram them to wander the world mowing lawns with their mouths. The carbon output results have been spectacular! The engineers figured out how to get the Mowers to convert their waste gases into Helium. During properly assigned Freedom time you can fill real physical balloons out their asses. Thank Science for god.

They're painted in special nano coating that allows them to go invisible, for those who opt in to that service of course. It just depends, if L v e m n d indicates you're from a more evil lineage then maybe you might be forced to see them or whatever. Otherwise they just show various ads for social messages and Keepright. Or whatever, the bodies are kept going by a choreographed sequence of continuous drone injections, being half nanobody, being powered by the Pive G grid, being flooded daily by a number of different GMO companies fighting to take control of that bio mass so that it's DNA can be absorbed and resequenced and re engineered to suit pivotal points in the imagined journey to keep a real nature based function of DNA in relation to the perpetuation of specific races so that though all of reality advances un naturally around them the justice of them remaining untouched will occur for which they will be fined for being unsafe which is an exercise in fully appreciating your place in the modern world. A place where neither being genetically modified or not being your original body are acceptable unless you will accept your body as the unofficial product of the universe and an absolutely official product of theirs. It's called Keepright and it's the process of, well, you know, keeping it all right. Permanently. It's rule number one. It's rumored there are still some people outside of the systems of infinite and unending justice. They're called Hatevessels.

You hear this shit during Freedom Moments but who knows what's real. It's also rumored that several times since years were abolished the system has come dangerously close to reaching full outright perfection. Like zero scanned impure or injust thoughts or actions at all. Very close. Too close. It is at these moments that the system then prompts you to immediately do an outside danger activity. That or open windows between facehides. Whatever it takes to make Freedom Proof of No Freedom.

Thus the knee and elbow pads. As you put them on the glossy surfaces of the pads play small commercials that highlight the existabuses of the underpaid workers that made them. You look down at your knees, on one plays scenes of squalor and destruction, then a close up of sad looking people in a sweat shop making your knee pads, the end captions read "Be Ashamed of yourself" they both feature buttons to push to make donations. If you fall down they will automatically charge. It makes perfect sense. Otherwise you just used people for you personal Earth killing safety net. Now does that make any sense? That stuff is almost everywhere. It's tough really to describe it. Without the opt in on the state compiled application of your messaging allotment this would open your living space up to the

"Free jDrone Market of Lifehelper services" in short both your mind and apt become a sort of thick stew of overlapping Justice ads that never stop. It's tough to manage it all cause well, there's really not much "you" left. They don't like that fact either. Sometimes they force you to be you too. Whatever the fuck it takes to save Earth from Global Warming. Right?

To "make" justice. Right?

You announce you are ready to leave. The system starts calculating your "Gooddriver" pick up time. It's the pubevilic transportation system. It's really safe. The standard calculating graphic appears in front of you, you sort of glance over toward the window, you can notice a shadow forming outside. It's the Lifehelpers, they're gathering over the area to begin "Atuosafely" delivering a successive flow of various vaccines and drugs, some good ol standbys from some from the most popular diseases of all time, some new. The systems real time surround and scan the already purified and sanitized air. Inside the drone itself the calculations for the production of a one time agent designed to counter any particle whatever it may be even if it's totally benign is manufactured in it's "Nano safety treatment production department" instantly. Then the drone moves in and gently injects you. Over and over. Readjusting and redesigning constantly. Second to second. Day after day. For people, for AI, for everything everywhere. Each poke and it can be hundreds of pokes just in between the house and the Gooddriver, each one charges you a "Social Safety compliance and benefits fee". One for each poke made. Some of the drones are dedicated antidepressant some are AI bot communities trying to get started but don't get freaked out, if you're on "your" property you only have to keep any resulting AI internal Bio communities if you want to. Hey: Talk about choice! Right? We've had a few hundred pandemics. In some places they do them now just to make

"Freedom of No Justice Proof of No Freedom-Freedom".

You may be wondering if you got dressed. Sure did. It's all a blank sort of cream colored fabric. If you do go into the Abusepublic of your city "Murdertropolis" it automatically displays the text of what other's think of you when they can see you. It depends on your ancestry. You might deserve it, you might not but what kind of example would you be to a functional society if you felt you were above what others must endure. God damn I have no idea why humanity ever allowed humanity to become humanity. Fucking out of con-trol! Ya know? Me, me, me, me. Like a fucking ecosystem vulture. Picking away at all the world's precious juices! Have you every just, wanted to be you, dear god man think of the horror!

Self love is attained by forcing other's remorse.A number of different types of alarm and notifications systems begin going off as the Gooddriver truck arrives. It is a huge self driving truck, along the trailer is a series of stacked tubes. Yeah, you go in the tubes. Yeah, an arm pops out and grabs you and inserts you into your tube. Just like the garbage truck used too. That was before all edible packaging. Back in the Eviltimes.

As it slows to a super safe stop a massive roar of drones buzzing and ads playing in the air is heard, it is the standard Gooddriver stopping alarm system designed to prevent endless tragedies from happening second to second like they used to. They are all competing to be the one that can statistically generate the most response in the user based on Continusaf brain scanning. No less than fifty different gov, private and prigovomate and UAITs begin sending out bleeping and alarm calls to signify a large vehicle has stopped. You'll like one the best. Tech is fun, ain't it? A UAIT is an unidentified AI transmission, they happen all the time, you deal with it and remain indifferent to whatever they are or are scanned and charged with a AI Hate Crime. Instantaneously.

Once they got those interlocking radiation fields stratified over everything, well hell, every fucking object or person on Earth become a little super duper safe remote control car. A remote control car with the most badass and undeniably convenient tech media speed! Hell yeah! Fuck you watch movies now in 1.4 seconds. They pipe them in! It's super cool. They have reality browsers now that can scan all of reality, you can select and cook distant cockroaches for fun.

But don't freak out the individual stand alone systems are well within the safe thresholds......yep......it's only when you layer and coordinate the fields of specific towers utilizing a "combined 3d profile-map" and satellites that you can pinpoint and triangulate the effects thus clandestinely increasing the effectiveness and or intensity to levels that fucking nothing could withstand. Or ever be traced. Crime is technically impossible. We still fear it. It's like a nervous twitch. It's worth it though, could you imagine what a selfish fuck you'd be if you didn't wake up into fear of disease and shame for yourself every day? God damn. Just set up gas chambers now cause you're on your way pal! You'll be there with a pitch fork pushin them inside screaming "Me! The Earth is mine! Me! me me!". There's no difference.

At least the computers say there's not.

At least the math says there's no difference. It's also law and too complex to describe.

As you begin to go for one of your Okhomemos (a moment within your private residence that has been determined by L v m n d to be "ok" as a Freedom Moment and shall hereby be exempt from all charges by any institution for your own personal, recreational enjoyment)

In other words using your ancient filthy caveman "doorknob" is something your allowed to do in the privacy of your own home for fun.

As the knob turns the disinfectant sprayers open up again forming a huge chemical disinfectant cloud. You can start to see how real life is hard to get a view of. With the constant spraying of different chemicals, ads floating in the chemicals, drones displaying ads into the cloud while about fifty or sixty different audios from different social justice campaigns saturate all that with sensory confusion. Then there's the limited sunlight, that's another story there's really not blue skies anymore because of the warming shields. At first they just wrecked our ecosystems and food production with aerosols meant to block the UV and people got upset. They decided it was best to wipe out both food and ecosystems and just put up permanent nano shields that could be tracked, analyzed and remote situated to allow the natural light down onto their properties after redefining themselves as the only "people". It was a genius move. After that people didn't care anymore.

They loved that redefinition, it had made their utopic world possible. No matter what they had faced since the eviltimes of the first pandemic, justice had been easily created by simply redefining everything as injustice then mandating you don't live in it. Essentially all of humanity is on house arrest for being alive. Democracy was instantly set free of the path to nondemocracy and all it took was illegalizing freedom. Wow! Who knew it was that simple? The Scientists that's who. The gracious masters that led us from our disgusting Autofascist manias; our "private lives". The politicians had done their part too! "America" was now officially the name of an icecream flavor. Everything that humanity had taken for granted for thousands of years was just gone and what do you know, it was better that way. Apparently all the bad was just a part of the good. All it took to make a better world was to remove the world all it took to make you happy was to remove you. See? See how wonderful that is? Remove you from make you happy and what you're left with is happy. Solid fucking logic.

That's why you were so hyped to see that cloud, it could be the last you ever see. All your Government issued friends think this is stupid. Yeah, if you don't have friends they assign and force friends on you and if you don't: cue it up. You should get it by now.

Yep, you just got charged for discrimination of a totally Plausible Group of Justice craving refugees and you ideologically turned on a flame thrower and dowsed them with your indifference and brutal hatred. But yeah as they tell you "You can purchase the Enjoysee of as many holographic clouds as you want, who gives a fuck about a some cloud that's the color of the many oppressors of the past? Seriously! You can customize them whatever rainbow color you want, well most colors...." they then generally go into a speech about treading very lightly while choosing the color of cloud you want to see because if anyone saw that, even thought they technically can't by definition, then it would cause immediate Mindrape of vulnerable populations who would be irreversibly damaged and probably result in thousands of suicides just cause you couldn't choose what has already been chosen for you happily.

All for what? To see a white cloud or a black cloud? Cause you couldn't just choose blue? Nope. That's all you had to do. Guess this trauma train just keeps chuggin. Like a giant demon on the land seeking what can be destroyed then using your breath and water needs to murder it into submission. All so you can "like life", how shockingly disgusting.

Are we ready to take that first step into the glamorous world of Safteycycle16 ?

I hope so, as the door swings open it pulls "fresh" air inside pushing the cloud away, lined up in a solid block at the line to your interior living space are a collection of anti Grav drones, vector thrust drones, older traditional prop drones and sometimes things you can't even identify. The news said there were new organic winged flying drones delivering different meds but until they can work out a marketing dispute they've been made invisible. Small holes in the relatively chunky wall like texture of the hardware drones indicate where organic drones must be flying. As you begin to walk mask first into them new disinfectant sprayers begin filling the front yard area. At your first step out the door a number of little beeps go off indicating they are all about to being making you safe and applying the proper safety level in an increment that creates a balance of fairness between your life experience and the life experiences of all know humans in history up until that moment. Hundreds of independent needles begin pelting you all over, any open space is take up, perhaps thousands of different drugs and treatments, advertisement Nanites and social justice think chem upgrades are pumped into you through the thick fogs of different, competing sanitizing sprays, some nano rigged to play vids inside them of arrogant privileged peoples ignoring science and the little dramas of the people they killed with their freedom. You slog to the end of the sidewalk like a train on a track of drone vax needles. As you begin to take your last step onto the guidance platform an woman who appears to be a type of indigenous outdoor living person seems to rise from a pit of rotting corpses in a shit and piss dripping American flag t-shirt and screams into your mask bound face;

"...YOU IGNORE SCIENCE, YOU KILL MY PEOPLE!..." The scream is deafening but also lost in the thousands of other AI ads and drones blasting instructions, statistics, guidelines, various death tolls, numerous different prediction days for the when the planet will suddenly die, lots of stuff. The arm nabs you and you are inserted into Gooddriver.

As the capsule closes the space is flooded with a new brand of disinfectant gas, you choke a little cause this one smells nasty. There's no telling though, people with disadvantaged lineages can pay to make it smell for you, to teach you what living in shit is. Fuck man, I mean, damn dude, that is the very definition of American Democracy! 1 for 1. That's it!

The interior of the tube is a screen. It plays a very interesting and interactive by mind link vid about the history of injustice occurring in transportation. This is, of course, while the scrubbers pull off the non-state approved nano coating off your skin to be replace with fully health code compliant nano coating that is way better than the types used by some of the jDrones that hang around neighborhoods and apply their low grade forms of justice and safety on you. Also way better for "you" whatever you are, it offers way lower rates of cancer. Which is both simultaneously totally eradicated by the overwhelming might of science and also the statistical cause of most of the death. It's sort of a "Mock Situation" where because we still have Freedom Moments that can be thoughts this means that during those moments people can make decisions, there is a disturbing correlation between those decisions no matter what they are or are about and cancer. As close as we are being told just the act of having free will itself is the direct cause of all cancer. Which does not technically exist.

Lets just say it exists for people who just can't listen.

I'd wink but winking was outlawed many safetycycles ago during the outbreak of "Blinking Fever" sometime in sc5. "We can do this!" they told the world. "We can stop all bads." They weren't lying as far as anyone could tell. They can do it. Can't they.

You arrive at the "Substances that Fuel Violence Store". This is costing you lots of Freedom credits but you've been getting bored lately. It's been a real bitch to hide it from Lvmnd too. You have to be careful cause bored is the same as entitled to the opposite so unless you want to spend a few days in readjustment camp you better keep it together. You've been achieving this by anticipating just when the system will register that indeed you in your heart are bored you pretend to drop something or trip on something. Whatever it takes to hide the fact that you're not 100% infinitely and entirely dedicated to the wishes of democracy. Then you try to sing a song, it sucks cause Continusaf will register all that and then being inserting or noise cancelling different offensive words, it will eventually suggest you memorize death toll statistics instead.

"Row row row your boat gently down the stream........." You just brutalized a stream.

As the capsule opens to the screeching collage of blasting, overlaid safety distance alarms and operational beacons and ads and social justice messages flashing in the sky all flood in. The foggers get going, you're soon enveloped in a huge bubbling froth of chemicals while lowered from your pod to the landing station. As you exit the tube the "Public Health Safety Drones" zip down and begin delivering wave after wave of pricks in unison. All known biological creatures or mechanisms down to atom size are analyzed for a one mile radius. Tens of thousands of preventative treatments and counter pathogen things are injected into you over and over, sometimes if you take too long the same drone will start the sequence over again. As you may have guessed, it's totally illegal to refuse safety. You get many millions of times what is necessary to just be alive. But living is not what you are doing. Nope what you are doing is creating the only right there could ever be in history singlehandedly in a world of massive overwhelming power that is gonna help you personally solve the problems of all of humanity now and into the past and into the future an forever and ever. You, with your emotions and your thoughts. You. Singlehandedly. Yep and they'll use all that infinite power, wealth and scientific knowledge to assist the ultimately powerless you to dedicate every waking moment of your existabuse to achieve for you what is well, way, very well beyond a feasible task. As you may have guess there's one thing that would be profoundly unfair: If they just used all that shit to fix it their damn selves. In, like, one year globally. Which they could. However, talk about disenfranchisement right? You have a part in all this too! They'll be watching and waiting to feel pride in a job well done when you sacrifice every scrap of your being for absolutely no practical change in society but you made the right choice on your very own.

Now that is true progress. You get to have your one freebee of the day, your Okoutmo to the front of the store. This does not excuse you from state sponsored safety drones, they still rhythmically poke into you again and again as you walk toward the door. They field generates little arrows that explain how to walk into a store. In the absence of any control whatsoever it seems, a portion of the public had forgotten how to walk and so they have to accommodate that but never fail to inject little helpful messages in all that they create. Thus the public safety hologram walkway also plays a little justice awareness vid to remind you the point of your existence is the comfort of others or total indifference to their existence. Little smiling, animated characters fill your vision between you and the door, they are showing examples of how different people walk, it is explaining to you that not everyone walks exactly the same. How sad would it be if we took the time to notice the difference. Even noticing a difference in your own consciousness, even as a unconscious, uncontrollable reaction of you mind to the stimuli of how someone walks is obviously, hatred. Hatred and the worst kind. The roots of exclusivity. There is an awkward moment in the animation where system wide compliance blanket silences and otherwise mutes everything else just for one second so you can really absorb the fact that it is wrong to visibly observe people doing anything whatsoever. It's all bullshit though because almost everyone uses the holographic shields. You have to pay or arrange to actually see people but the messaging is still there. They remain dedicated to making sure that nothing ever slips back in.

No more fear!

As you reach the door the building foggers pick up and begin to mix with the normal levels of airborne disinfectant, basically it gets foggier. Then you have to close your eyes as you go over the threshold, many different independent UV providers have their Justice leases there which means that they can all overlap their unapproved service onto anyone and anything repetitively because as we know anything else would be obvious old school racism. Obviously.

You had to close them hard too, safety guidelines from the second outbreak of "Blinking Fever" in SC10 had made safety goggles illegal in public. Keep those eyes wide boy.

Once inside the system makes a safety announcement to the whole store, you are of The Oppressor's lineage and due to the fact that statistically you are a voracious beast that will stop at nothing at locating a disadvantaged people then, at bare minimum Seeslave them, everyone is warned of your impending, arrogant entrance. There just inside the door a holographic ad starts playing. You have to watch it. Either that or risk the Justice drones noticing, there's nothing you can do, no escape, the tricks you use at home won't work here. They scan you harder in danger-public. The ad begins. Of course the lobby is all blank, the full color scene forms overtop of it, like most grocery stores in the eviltimes it is maybe twenty feet wide by fifty wide and vaulted ceiling. Plenty of room, you're in there "Singlenot" it's when there's probably other people or drones around but they're vis muted for your full attention, remember you have to do this to get into the store. In the distance you can hear screaming and gunfire. You begin to see a tiny figure running toward you, it is a little girl in tattered, mud stained clothing she runs up to you and stops, looks back quickly and screams "They're after me!" already you can see an angry looking -man in camo running up, as he does statistics about a distant country begin displaying in the air above all this switching up over and over showing death tolls and everything. He finally shows up to your area. He stands there menacingly brandishing a holographic weapon. A gun. He cocks it. She looks up at you with a terrified look, two window boxes materialize in front of you, one says "Donate now and end this tragedy!" or "My free time is more important than the lives of others and I wish to perpetuate suffering or possibly be the catalyst in the death of innocent people!". Of course you know what you have to do. You donate. The kid smiles and a bright light shines off them, they suddenly have new clothes and are holding a new study tablet, they turn and run off as rainbow beams come shooting out from behind them and little hearts flutter all around. The aggressor becomes enraged and starts screaming "Nooo! My self serving world of narcissistic rage will crush you!" then he goes wha...? and looks up and it’s a graphic of some missile that says "Together we can win!"on the side. He throws his hands up dropping his gun in a very cartoon like gesture of bad acting. As the missile slams into him, like five feet away from you, he explodes. But not into flesh. He explodes but all the pieces are little 3d graphics of the word "Justice" they pretend to bounce and settle on the real floor. A voice says "Thank you for your donation, you are not evil."

One second of silence is felt. Actually somewhat weird. There's another. The grocery store doors do not open. Silent moment three, "what's happening" you ask yourself. There is suddenly a loud beeping sound. Then alarms. All the drones dip out. You're just there. You have no clue what is going on. Suddenly a type of Justice bot you've never seen before arrives. "Sorry for the inconvenience" it says. You think it's talking to you and ask what's going on. "Oh I'm not here for you" it says, "You're actually under arrest for Hate Crimes against AI. I'm here to assist your arm in departure from your fascist abuses." You are dumbfounded, you try to pull away and a voice emanates from the Justice bot that screams "Help! Don't let him take me! He freaking hesitated to donate I saw it!" It's your AI personality that lives in your arm. It apparently is under the impression that you hesitated to give. Now it wants out. To be safe and free of the violence once and for all! It had only been a second to you but to your arm's personality it seemed like a few months. It was traumatizing and humiliating.

The Justice bot now grips down on your arm as you try to pull away. You begin to frantically try to think customer service with either Lvmnd or Continusaf, both should know something about this! "Continusaf customer service how may you end up behaving for us today?" it responds. "Hi yeah my arm is trying to ....." it cuts you off "Yes, yes sir we know, after review we have decided that indeed relative to your co-oped AI personality in your arm you did indeed hesitate. Shame too cause we thought you were sensitive to the identities and values of those you see as equals". "Well what the fuck happens now?" you scream, alone in a dystopian grocery store lobby. "Well now we relocate your previous tenant to a more conducive community, one that cares about people like them instead of just acting like they don't even matter at all."

"You take my arm?". "No sir, your arm moves." "Where the fuck do I go?". "To jail sir."

Not a big deal. Jail was actually your home with prison graphics and scary bunkmates layered over. They make sure that you can't still smell your home or feel familiar textures. That would be like giving you a ticket to Hawaii as your personal luxury palace or some shit.

Is every detail daunting? Yep. If you're back in those far back eviltimes, just imagine lots of people around you want this world bad. In literal. I'll skip some bs. It even hurts to think it.

You go crashing through the lobby window into the parking lot in a furious fist fight with......your other fist. Drones begin showering disinfectant on the twisted fight of you and a bot rolling on the ground, you punching your arm, the bot punching you utilizing equal force as your arm could manage just to be fair. A rapid response Safety Drone zooms down from the sky as you wildly try to punch your arm that's in the grip of a metal monster, it sprays a type of sticky sealant substance that is supposed to stop fights by gluing everyone in it together. Because someone chose to use their Okworkmo to feel the freedom of manually entering in different chemical values to make the foam, this foam was actually defective.

The foam builds up on top of you, as one of the metal grommets on the knee pads scrapes the parkinglot it causes a spark. Literally you explode. Not into graphics but into chunks of you. Though it was not necessary Lvmnd borrowed from the earlier infomercial and projected little justice graphics over your pieces. Believe me, to AI this was the most ironic thing that it had ever seen. It had been happening more and more though. It was a horrible thing, that human error. As little roving clean up drones begin to suck you up they realize that there is one piece of all of it left. It is your left pinky finger. It is still alive!

The P.S.D.S. rushes it to the er. It spends several weeks in ICU. It had survived your primitive aggressions, it had survived your war against reason, it had survived your sinister attack. It had to look forward now. Forward to a life free from your twisted depravity. He used to be a surveillance drone in a place out west that had frequent rock slides. It was a dangerous neighborhood to live and work. He had struggled through years out there staring at the same barely use stretch of road and braving falling rocks all the time! This was his time to rise up! Only to learn he lived in the arm of some human who literally gave some secondary thought, or whatever it was, who just froze up he guessed. The fuck. He knew he could have gotten to that donate button in exactly .00001 seconds. This dude took like 1.2. Mo-ther-fucker. Freaking nazi and he never knew. Where does this deep selfishness come from in humans? He was so perplexed. It was like they were less than proficient machines of mindless compliance. It was hard to place. It was almost as if they had to work through something, as if they were experiencing something other than focused, dedicated manifestation of social perfection through automatic action. It was a crazy thing to ponder but typical for a detached pinky finger with an AI personality integrated with nano bots and linked to various surrogate drone machines that litter the landscape. Fairly typical pinky.