What 'The Visceral Accountant is:
The Visceral Accountant was meant to be the ultimate, uncontested shitpost of the century, with tasteful subtext. LOL!

Back in the 1990's I wrote a lot of poetry. I was also
known for theatrics and an ability to conjure up
detailed, compelling stories. I eventually abandoned
it all and traded it up for electronic music gear and the bent notion that I'd easy button up a career as a Dj.
Once that gargantuan failure took it's course I was a delusional, crossdressing, stoner neurotic on a
mission to live in excess with no plan whatsoever. LOL!
Not that there's anything wrong with crossdressing or pot but, seriously, I was otherwise a wrecked human.
After webcaming and trolling my way through years of creeper man escapades I really just wanted sanity.

I wanted to make a new life and graciously accept whatever lifestyle I could afford. I needed a job. I needed to adapt to a world where my access to lifestyle choices, such as sexual excess, were more dependent on my connection to the stability within which they occurred. One way or another I was going to have to become a legitimate personage in our rapidly changing world and exhibit some valuable virtue.
My solution to this was to fall back on my old friend writing and captivate like a mother fucker.
Thus all of 2018 and 2019 I booked away and sounded all dramatic and eloquent to describe not getting laid while stoned in yonder bedroom.
It was horribly vague. On and on I went about how interested you'd be in lonely man's manifesto about obsessing on the good times circa 1996.

Then to make the book good I flew to Europe and it was cool but I made a few paragraphs and imploded.
It had came out shit. Then I panicked and fluctuated between depression and metal detecting and self obsession and I was lost on the next move. Then the "You know what" all happened and it became obvious what I should write about. I suddenly realized that with this much psyche turmoil in soicety somebody might actually get what I was thinking artistically.
Thus beginning in August of 2020 I started writing away at lengthy descriptions of my daily activities and all the screaming. LOL!

That's it! The rest is the book. You know you're curious, you should read it if I've already sent it to you or, if you wanna truly know what it is requst a manuscript and check it out. Honest to god's truth I am totally unprofessional and isolated and all I literally can do is write. LOL! I'm not kidding so you know that it's going to be original and raw. What are it's socio-political implications? I dunno. I don't care, I'm an artist. I make art relevant to contmeporary thought and that's just the way it is.

I'm already getting the vibe that with as fast as social media moves and the very hair trigger sentiments of the masses, I'll have to give my first book away just to have a chance at a second meaning anything. Thus I've already started the continuation in another incarnation. Even if this one doesn't really fly it's whatever, I'm just gonna keep on writing and just gonna keep on needing a profressional to represent me and the world is just gonna keep patronizing monotone tropes and paradgims and somebody's gonna keep on reading it all and wth, somebody hire me already! LOL!